Cobble Clean Initiative

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Cobble Beach is proud to introduce our “Cobble Clean” initiative – our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Safe Travels Accreditation

Cobble Beach is delighted to announce it has been awarded the #SafeTravels Stamp. The Safe Travels Stamp is an international symbol designed to allow travellers to recognize governments and companies around the world, which have adopted health and hygiene, standardized protocols –so consumers can experience ‘Safe Travels’.

TIAO President & CEO, Beth Potter said “We are delighted to confirm Cobble Beach has been awarded the #SafeTravels Stamp. Across Canada, tourism businesses big and small are doing all they can to offer Canadians the perfect vacation. More and more Canadians are looking closer to home to escape from the challenges of and rediscovering their own provinces. When they see the ‘Safe Travels Stamp’ has been awarded to the destination or hotel they’re planning to visit they will know that they are upholding the highest standards of health and safety and demonstrating they are adhering to the global health protocols issued by the WTTC.”

New Regulations

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Before you arrive at Cobble Beach, you must verify:

  1. You have completed and passed the screening protocols found here: Covid-19 Customer Screening.
  2. You and your guests have not returned from international travel in the past 14 days.
  3. You and your guests have not had any close contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 within the past 14 days.
  4. You and your guests have not been in close contact with anyone who travelled internationally in the past 14 days.
  5. You and your guests have not experienced any cold or flu like symptoms in the past 14 days.

The Inn & Cottages:

  • All payments will be taken 24-hours prior to your arrival on the card you provided at the time of booking.
  • We are encouraging contactless check-in.
  • We've updated our cancellation policy to give you peace-of-mind when booking.
  • There will be no housekeeping services during your stay.
  • Masks are mandatory when entering all commercial establishments in Grey-Bruce.
  • Physical distancing is mandatory at all times. 

The Sweetwater Restaurant:

  • Tables have been spaced over 2 metres apart.
  • Require patron contact info (one per party).
  • No buffet style service.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking.
  • Eye protection is required where patrons without face coverings are within 2 metres of workers.
  • Verbal screening will be done before entering the facility.
  • Tables, chairs and menus are sanitized between customers.
  • Hands must be washed immediately after entering the kitchen.
  • Gloves must be worn when handling food.
  • Enhanced focus on our already strict sanitation protocols.
  • Staff do not come to work if they are sick or showing any symptoms.
  • Only food service employees are allowed in the kitchen.​

Sweetwater Restaurant Contactless Pick-Up:

  1. Payment is processed in advance, over the phone.
  2. Pick up times are pre-assigned to avoid congestion.
  3. When you pick up your order, please drive up to the main door of the Clubhouse.
  4. Text or call (226) 668-6895 from your parked car to indicate that you are here.
  5. Please stay in your vehicle until notified your order is ready.
  6. Staff will bring your order out to the service table located at the front of the Clubhouse.
  7. After staff have placed your order outside and returned to the Clubhouse, you can then pick up your order.
  8. After the customer leaves, sanitization and cleaning procedures will occur. The pick-up station will be fully sanitized; all guests and staff will be required to wear a mask during the pick process.
Sweetwater Restaurant Contactless Delivery:
  1. Payment is processed in advance, over the phone.
  2. Delivery times are pre-assigned.
  3. Cobble Beach staff will approach the door wearing a mask and drop the order onto the customer’s doorstep and ring bell/knock.
  4. Cobble Beach staff will move 6 feet back from the front door and await an answer. If no one answers the door, we will call the number on file to make contact.

Cobble Beach Golf Links:

  • Tee times must be pre-booked & pre-paid, no walk-ins are permitted.
  • You may show up 30 minutes in advance of your tee time (no earlier).
  • Physical distancing is mandatory at all times. 
  • Contactless check-in for members and guests, alike.
  • New hand-wash locations throughout the property.
  • Double riders from different households MUST wear a mask while in the cart.
  • Power carts are disinfected after each use.
  • No rakes in the bunkers, no ball washers.
  • Do not touch flag stick; putt with flag in.
  • No sharing of equipment and please refrain from shaking hands after your round.

Real Estate Discovery Centre:

  • Appointments and site tours must be pre-booked.
  • Masks are mandatory when entering the Sales Centre.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of common/high-touch surfaces.
  • Physical distancing is mandatory at all times. 
  • Employees and visitors will have access to hand sanitizer, gloves and masks.
  • Verbal screening will be done before entering the facility.
  • Visitors showing signs of illness will not be permitted in the Sales Centre. 
  • All printed materials (brochures, magazines, tourist handouts) will remain in a storage area rather than being on display. These materials can be provided to clients if requested. 
  • All provision of water, coffee, etc. is suspended.

Turf & Maintenance:

  • Physical distancing is mandatory at all times. If a task requires close proximity of less than 2 meters, staff will be required to wear a mask/face covering. 
  • Staff must sanitize their hands before entering the shop and frequently throughout the day. 
  • All tools and equipment will be disinfected after each use and at the end of the day. 
  • Staff are encouraged to have staggered breaks and lunches. 
  • There will be restricted use of the maintenance facility. Designated personnel will be allowed in certain areas of the shop/facility.
  • Shop cleanliness and organization remains one of our top priorities. High-touch surfaces areas are disinfected regularly. 
  • All staff must pass the Covid-19 screening guidelines prior to entering the property. 
  • All equipment will be staged and ready for use prior to staff arriving in the morning.

Face Mask Mandate:

  • The Grey-Bruce Public Health Board and Ontario Government have issued an Order requiring face masks to be worn in all commercial and public establishments. This applies to all facilities at Cobble Beach. To learn more about face coverings and face masks, click hereCustom Cobble Beach face masks can be purchased for $14.95.