Friday Night Take Out

With all the uncertainty that remains surrounding Covid-19, the safest place to be is home. For many, dining out at a restaurant is something that they’re still not fully comfortable doing. However, cooking meals every night has become quite a drag. Cobble Beach wants you to enjoy your Friday Night in! Skip the cooking and let Cobble Beach prepare you a delicious meal. 

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Friday, October 23rd Menu:

All items come in 2 person portion sizes.
Appetizers     Cost
Garden Salad
baby greens | purple beets | tart apple
goat cheese | modena balsamic dressing
Soft Pretzels
creemore beer | old cheddar dip 
Smoked Salmon 
herb cream cheese | pickled onions
caper berries | naan bread
Entrées     Cost

Pork Tenderloin
new potatoes | roasted brussel sprouts
sour cherries | port jus.                           

red beans | coconut rice | sweet corn
Rainbow Trout
cannellini bean ragout | wilted kale
preserved tomato
Crisp Falafels
charred broccolini | toasted quinoa
acidulated raisins

Desserts     Cost
Ricotta Mousse
mocha chocolate cake
salted caramel sauce                                                      
Apple Tarts
mascarpone mousse | caramel sauce
cinnamon crumble
Amaretto Pound Cake
sticky toffee sauce
caramelized oranges