Sunday Family Dinner To Go

Family Portion (4) - $144
Couple Portion (2) - $78

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us: it’s the value of family and spending time with the ones we love. That’s why it’s so important to slow down and enjoy a special meal with your loved ones. Every Sunday, The Sweetwater Restaurant at Cobble Beach will be preparing a delicious Sunday Family Dinner To Go with a portion of the proceeds going towards a local charity.

Menu: Sunday April 25    Menu: Sunday May 2

To place your order, please fill out the form below:


Please let us know of any dietary concerns or allergies.

Please note: Orders must be submitted before 10am on Sunday morning.
How to Order: After you have completed this form, our Food & Beverage Manager will contact you directly to:

  1. Confirm your order details

  2. Arrange a pickup (or) delivery time

  3. Collect payment information

Sweetwater Restaurant Contactless Pick-Up:

  1. Payment is done in advance, over the phone.
  2. Pick up times are pre-assigned to avoid congestion.
  3. When you are picking up your order, please drive up to the main door of the Clubhouse.
  4. Text or call (226) 668-6895 from your parked car to indicate that you are here.
  5. Please stay in your vehicle until told your order is ready.
  6. Staff will bring your order out to the service table located at the front of the Clubhouse.
  7. After staff have placed your order outside and returned to the Clubhouse, you can then pick up your food. 
  8. After the customer leaves, sanitization and cleaning procedures will occur. The pick-up station will be fully sanitized; all guests and staff will be required to wear a mask during the pick process.
Sweetwater Restaurant Contactless Delivery:
  1. Payment is done in advance, over the phone.
  2. Delivery times are pre-assigned.
  3. Cobble Beach staff will approach the door wearing a mask and drop the order onto the customer’s door step and ring bell/knock.
  4. Cobble Beach staff will move 6 feet back from the front door and await an answer. If no one answers the door, we will call the number on file to make contact.