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Holiday Parties
All holiday parties booked at Cobble Beach must adhere to the current provincial rules and regulations.

2020 has been quite the year! As the economy begins to reopen and we return to the “new normal” that Covid-19 has created – one thing is for certain: friends and family are everything. While the future is still unknown, it’s the people around us who helped us get through these unprecedented times – let’s celebrate. 
With new safety measures in place (Cobble Clean), you can still enjoy a night out with your friends, family and “social bubble” and celebrate the holidays together – in a safe environment. 
What’s Changed?
Due to the current Grey Bruce health regulations, dinner cannot be served in a buffet style. Dinners must be plated and served at your seat. Face masks must be work when entering the Clubhouse, but can be removed while you’re seated for your meal. Singing and dancing is not permitted. Maximum group limit is 50 people.   

To book your holiday party fill out the form below or phone 519-370-2173 ext. 114


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